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Please use this section to find answers to your questions about Cushman Virtual. If you don’t see the answers you need, please reach out to our team through our contact form.






For almost a century, The Cushman School has evolved its programming to remain relevant to the educational landscape.

Today, we see the need to offer flexible, remote learning opportunities to more and more students in a personalized, supportive way. Our curriculum, instruction, and class structure provides a world-class education complete with engaging and unique experiences to inspire social-emotional growth and strength in character. Students all over the globe can now access a Cushman education.

Students meet with their teacher and classmates on Zoom. Course materials and assignments are delivered and submitted through Veracross, which is the central platform for class websites, discussion boards, assignment submission and feedback, and communication. Students will need a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and microphone, and an internet connection. Some courses may require additional materials specific to that course.

Yes. Virtual Campus classes are open to all current Cushman students.

Our teachers are an amazing group of individuals with expert knowledge and experience in their fields. Delivering “character first” curricula, our teachers utilize developmentally appropriate instruction using the most effective, research-backed strategies for virtual learning. Our teachers are passionate about making a lasting, positive impact on students by developing strong relationships with students and families, and supporting students in reaching their full potential.


Full time tuition is $37,500 for Middle School and $39,500 for High School. For part time, tuition is based on the number of courses a student is enrolled in similarly to college. Full time students typically take 4-5 classes per term. There is a registration fee of $2,350 and new student fee of $1,000.

To apply, click the button below. Our admissions team is looking forward to hearing from you and supporting you step-by-step throughout the entire process.



A student may take as many classes as their schedule allows. An academic advisor is available to meet with each student to develop a schedule that best suits their individual needs.

Classes meet three times per week for one hour during fall and spring, and work hours during summer. Students can expect roughly 2-5 hours of independent work per week per class. Teachers also meet with each student individually every week.

Yes. All students will receive a report card at the end of the semester. If the student is already enrolled full time at The Cushman School, the credit will be recorded on his or her Cushman record. If the student is enrolled at another institution, a transcript can be provided.

The Cushman School is a fully accredited institution, and virtual classes meet the same standards, rigor, and requirements as our on campus classes. Therefore, transferring credits from The Virtual Campus is like transferring credits from any other accredited high school. The Cushman School is happy to guide you through this process.

Credits earned at The Cushman School Virtual Campus are accepted by colleges, as we are a fully accredited institution.

Cushman serves the needs of every student in a personalized way. At a minimum, students will have one-on-one scheduled meetings with their teacher every week to ensure they are on track to succeed. Course material is also available 24/7, so students can learn at their own pace. If additional support is needed, it will be provided by a specialist on an individualized basis.

A student must take eight classes per year to be considered full time. Classes can be taken across fall, spring, and summer terms.

Supports for Students/Families

Cushman Virtual teachers take relationship building very seriously. Teachers deliberately design learning activities to help students build relationships with their teacher and with their peers. In the event that additional support is needed, students may meet or be referred to one of our highly trained Guidance Counselors who specialize in adolescent development, as well as the challenges of learning remotely.

You can expect teachers to check in with parents / guardians on a regular basis. After enrollment, parents / guardians receive their own portal in our Veracross system so they may monitor student progress and communicate with teachers and administrators. Cushman Virtual also provides ongoing parent / guardian education, activities, and conversations that support families in raising adolescents.

Yes. Virtual students may speak with Cushman’s college counselor at any time.

At The Cushman School, our mission and philosophy are our guiding light. We say, believe, and live Dr. Cushman’s philosophy that “a school seeks to develop the child mentally, physically, and in character growth. To do this, the child must be placed in happy surroundings.” We enliven this philosophy throughout our Virtual Campus and within all programming. Each semester we invite students and family members to participate in exciting events, such as unique game nights with prizes, cooking demonstrations, parent speaker series, and more! We aim to ensure all students and family members feel included in our wonderful community! In addition, for an additional fee, students may join Cushman’s on campus sports and events.