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With the Purpose of Making the World a Better Place

The world is ready for passionate people eager to make it a better place, and we want our students to rise to the challenge.

Expert educators inspire students to think beyond themselves in a comprehensive spectrum of classes that are a blend of group, one-on-one, and independent learning for an enriching and diverse learning experience.

Our cornerstone high school seminar, Society and Me (SAM), inspires our students to develop innovative solutions to our communities’ most pressing problems. Through this highly engaging work, students partner with community organizations/non-profits and leaders to analyze and tackle complex, global issues. This unique journey in learning and growth mindset is enhanced by the flexibility that Cushman Virtual students have to experience the world outside classroom walls and ultimately become Innovators of Change.

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How Cushman Virtual Works

At Cushman Virtual, students have the flexibility to design their own educational experience while meeting all necessary requirements to earn a competitive Cushman diploma. Our Director of Curriculum will work with each student individually throughout the process of choosing an exciting, engaging roster of classes while ensuring each student has what he/she needs to pursue their college of choice and various career paths. Our expert educators take a mindful approach to engaging students to ensure social-emotional needs are met while achieving mastery of subject areas.

Flexibility and Personalization

Mentorship and one-on-one instruction from expert faculty

Supported Independence

Focus on community service and global citizenship

Continued application of data and research

Unique Opportunities to Pursue Interests and Passions

Our unique approach instills a strong work ethic, a sense of joint and personal responsibility toward oneself, the school and community in our students.  Our focus on character, unfailing courtesy and kindness contributes to developing students to their fullest intellectual, creative, social-emotional, physical and spiritual potential.

Our Curriculum

Cushman Virtual offers a self-driven, personalized, character building and academically rigorous curriculum enriched with engaging and unique experiences to ensure our students are empowered to become courageous, compassionate, and entrepreneurial global students. Our teachers are required to write a minimum of one paragraph in their report card narratives, giving extensive detail about how the student is performing academically and personally in class, with a focus on student’s strengths, ways they have grown as students, and objective feedback on ways to improve.

6th-8th Grade

The middle grades (6-8) are a time of transition and discovery for students – at Cushman Virtual, we have developed robust programming to help our middle school students gain their individual voices and give students the opportunity to explore new interests and fine-tune talents. Our flexible, personalized academic program encourages them to take increasing ownership of their learning while nurturing leadership and collaboration skills.

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9th-12th Grade

From 9th through 12th grade, we allow individual students to move at their own pace and level through increasingly challenging and varied course offerings. Our personalized approach allows them to identify and pursue their passions through electives in the arts and sciences, opportunities to make an impact through our signature SAM initiative, and the life-changing option to participate in a range of local and global programs.

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