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Purposeful, Innovative Education

The Cushman School empowers our students to discover their passions and realize their true potential to become Innovators of Change in an environment that is both ambitious and joyful.

The Cushman School is Miami-Dade’s oldest, continuously-operating, co-ed PreK – 12th private school that continues to innovate, inspire and engage our next generation of leaders. 

The mission of The Cushman School is to develop all students as responsible citizens and effective future leaders who maintain a positive approach to life.

The educational environment at our school fosters in students the qualities of virtue, responsibility, respect for self and others and nurtures the student in intellectual, physical and spiritual growth.

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A Word From Our
Head of School

In a world in which personalization should intersect with collaboration, Cushman Virtual provides learners with a platform to learn anytime and anywhere… while building relationships that will last a lifetime. Understanding each learner’s needs is the entry point of which all students’ engagement lies. Whether students are learning in a virtual classroom or attending a social mixer, or whether they are participating in a virtual, experiential field trip, Cushman’s Master teachers will facilitate students’ learning and experiences so that they are well-informed, confident speakers with varied interests and passions. As Cushman students engage with and learn from others of varying cultures and perspectives, and as they collaborate to solve real issues of our time, they will gain experience within the global landscape leading them to become informed, engaged global citizens. Cushman Virtual is the context of which all students develop the knowledge, dispositions and attitudes leading to strength of character and a life well-lived.

Dr. Arvi Balseiro

Arvi Balseiro
The Cushman Virtual School student film studio

Who is Cushman Virtual for:

Students who are independent and self-driven

Students looking to accelerate their learning

Students who need flexible scheduling and want unique programming

Students who are looking for mentorship/personalized learning opportunities

Students looking to meet specific post-secondary/college requirements

Families, regardless of location, who want access to Cushman’s academic excellence

What Can My Student Expect?

Mentorship and one-on-one instruction from expert faculty

A interdisciplinary, college preparatory experience

Flexible scheduling

A focus on community service and global citizenship

Synchronous and asynchronous classes

Special social engagement opportunities

Inclusion in the larger Cushman community

The Cushman Virtual School students studying

Our Leadership Team

Director of Cushman Virtual

Ms. Cindy Ley-Sepe

Director of Cushman Virtual

Ms. Ley-Sepe has recently taken the lead in The Cushman School’s newest division, Cushman Virtual. Ley-Sepe is a 20-year-veteran teacher eager to bring her experience and expertise to more and more students around the country who can now access a Cushman education from anywhere. She was responsible for creating Cushman’s unique Latin program -inspired by research showing that the study of this original romance language enhances students’ vocabulary, grammar, and delivers valuable insight to many aspects of students’ lives and cultures. It has proved a highly-beneficial aspect of Cushman’s 6th through 8th grade curriculum. In addition to teaching Latin in the Middle School, Ley-Sepe runs the Student Government Association, is the student/family Community Service Coordinator as well as Master Inservice Coordinator responsible for helping faculty maintain and renew their teaching certificates. Now, Ley-Sepe is passionate about expanding Cushman’s personalized, character-driven approach to education beyond the Miami campuses to remain relevant to the educational landscape.

Mrs. Alyson Vengoechea

Curriculum Director of Cushman Virtual

Mrs. Vengoechea’s vision is to bring high-quality, world class educational experiences to students across the country and eventually, around the globe. Vengoechea believes in every student’s ability to achieve, and prioritizes the power of connection on and off the screen. Prior to her director position, Vengoechea taught middle school science in both the public and private sectors, and is an alumni of Teach For America. She obtained her MS in Education from Johns Hopkins University and BA in Psychology from George Washington University. Vengoechea was also chosen as a Curriculum Development Fellow for Miami-Dade County Public Schools where she wrote highly engaging science curriculum to be used across the county, and has spoken at events such as the Florida Council of Independent Schools Annual Conference on topics including standards-based learning and assessment, and developmentally appropriate classroom management.