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At Cushman Virtual, we believe that experiences are meant to be fulfilling, inspirational and fun. Engaging in a culture of connection, community, and global citizenship increases creativity and innovation. We understand that a whole-child education is one that works in partnership with its families and its community to develop students to their fullest intellectual, creative, and social-emotional capacities.

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Community helps to develop students to their fullest intellectual, creative, and social-emotional capacities.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators of Change

Part of the Cushman Virtual experience includes providing unique opportunities for collaboration between students and teachers, among students, their families, our broader community and global neighbors.

Cushman Virtual offers student events to foster friendships, develop community, and create joy and parent/family events to support raising adolescents, make connections, and share ideas. All of our teachers and faculty are knowledgeable about adolescent development and infuse developmentally appropriate instructional strategies to connect through the screen.

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Students can pick from among many different club options across interest areas, or create their own!


Fun for the whole family – we provide the recipe, you provide the memories!


Speaker events, community forums, and virtual events allow parents to connect and support one another.


Inspired by the hit show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” this event is a crowd favorite.


Spark your curiosity as we conduct wild experiments and solve interesting problems!


Our thoughtful mentorship approach ensures students remain on track to succeed while facilitating the development of meaningful, authentic relationships with teachers and peers.

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