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Cushman Virtual is offering two After School courses this fall. Registration is now open.

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Executive Function Support & Homework Organization

Cushman Virtual is excited to offer Executive Function Support & Homework Organization. In this after-school, fully virtual support session, students will organize, reflect on, and engage in assignments and projects from their academic classes with the supervision of a Cushman teacher. Students will receive support in organization, time management, self-sufficiency, and self-advocacy. Emphasis is placed on students gaining the skills, confidence, and sense of independence to be able to complete assignments on their own. Students will practice and strengthen skills related to executive function and organization, and will be expected to utilize these skills and strategies outside of class to be able to complete assignments independently.

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This course prepares students to take the SAT and ACT exams, guides them through analysis of their test taking strengths and weaknesses, progress tracking, and determination as to which exam(s) will be best for them to take based on their personal knowledge and skills.

Spring dates: Jan 17-May 19 and summer: 6/21-8/11.

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