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As many of you may know, the administration has been giving a Kindness Key to students demonstrating acts of kindness above and beyond simply being polite. This idea was introduced to me by a Cushman parent who thought the concept aligned beautifully with Cushman’s focus on developing empathy and strength of character in our students. I agreed and it’s been rewarding for me to acknowledge the recipients thus far. A moment that brought great joy to my heart was when I recently overheard a conversation among a group of fourth grade boys that validated its positive affect. These boys were complimenting one of their peers who was the recent recipient of the Kindness Key and expressing their eagerness to earn one themselves. It was so interesting to watch the excitement brew as each boy explained a kind jester or moment of support given to another student hoping it was recognized. I was touched that “being kind” initiated this friendly competition amongst boys that age. Wouldn’t our world be a better place if being kind, empathic and even patient with one another was celebrated with the same enthusiasm as some other accomplishments? I believe so and I commend this generation of children for recognizing that “it’s cool to be kind” as one boy beautifully stated.


– Arvi Balseiro
Head of The Cushman School

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